Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I'm going to kink.com

I'm off to San Francisco to pay a visit to the world of Kink.com. For those who might not be familiar with the business, kink.com is a large, professionally run porn studio created and maintained by genuinely kinky people. While not generally a fan of visual porn, I have long admired the sensibilities and production values at kink.com - bondage AND fucking as opposed to one or the other, and good use of toys, equipment and different play styles. I have wanted to meet the creator and sick, twisted masterminds behind it all, and to get a tour of the San Francisco Armory, which has become a sort of indoor theme park of perversity.

This is obviously one of those times when I can say that life is good. Because I am not only *going* to visit the kink.com world, they're throwing me a dinner. Live, on camera. With nekkid slaves and such.

(Obligatory WTF am I going to WEAR? whining)

The reason behind this dinner is to launch a new section of kink.com. The majority of their productions play out as "scenes" - in this shoot, Submissive Sam gets topped by Mistress Malicia! - that sort of thing. A niche section portrays a week-long slave training scenario, with the concentration (of course) on sexual/SM activities and a high dose of dominance. It's a porn site, after all.

But Peter Ackworth (the Boss) has envisioned a living space on the top floor of the Armory. A place where 24/7 DS behavior can be lived and filmed. His goal is to have an Edwardian escape; a great house with a staff of slaves serving various tops and senior staff.

Hey...I like that stuff! I write about that stuff!

Which is why they invited me. (Cause it sure ain't for my fetish wardrobe and lithe, size 2 body.) I'd really like to help them achieve something like this, something that would appeal to those porn consumers who share fetishes about service and DS beyond the confines of playtime; those who like continuing stories as well as hot moments.

Anyhoo, you can watch the dinner, how cool is that? If you are already a subscriber to the section of kink.com called The Training of O, you can get it in high-def with an opportunity to also participate in live chat. But you can sign up for a free kink.com membership and get the video in low-def.

This link is NOT work safe. Do not click it unless you are comfy!

Now I have to think about what to wear.


satine phoenix said...

It was such a pleasure to meet you. And thank you for the copy. what a wonderful experience we all shared. I'm so happy to have met you: a kinky kindred spirit. Lets meet again~!

~Satine Phoenix

Laura Antoniou said...

Satine! We must meet again, and when we do, I'm gonna make sure you eat lunch. (wink)