Wednesday, April 01, 2009

My appearance at

Oh, yeah, they filmed me doing an interview, too. I'd wondered what happened to the footage; it seems they edited in Peter and James saying nice things about me and a few shots of hot girls doing nasty things. And one shot of me whacking the lovely (and easily bruised) Satine. Need I remind people this is Not Safe For Work?


Laura Antoniou said...

April Fools, of course. See Ilanas link for the real interview.

Mad said...

I don't blame you. I don't think that Rick Astley is safe for work either.

kimattica said...

You are so handsome!

Sherri said...

I'm intruding on your comments (also kicking myself for not finding your weblog sooner!) but this isn't a spam message, just a seizing of opportunity. It borders on being tasteless, goes.

Have you ever heard of Goodreads? It's a social site for bookworms. You're already listed as an author there.

and it's a pretty good place to market yourself for free. If you check that link you'll find your author page, which you can claim, and people can become your fans. You can also link your blog there. Your site already shows.

Goodreads lets you catalog and review your books, find book reviews from other members, -- all that sort of stuff. There are a ton of groups (few on erotica, at least that are public) for discussing everything under the sun. Not all of them are just discussing Twilight, either. :/

Anyway, I've been there for over a year and, being all fan-girly about your books, of course have to make the googoo eyes at a favorite author to come over and join the fun -- or at least have a look. No cost, no harm, no foul, and it might be fun for a book lover like you always looking for something new to read.

debrahyde said...

Laura, I want your shirt! But I won't be as rude about it as my kids fave, Kelly (

Anyway, congrats on I plan to point to it as soon as I can pull my head up from the current ms.

Best always,
Debra Hyde