Friday, June 25, 2010

Upcoming travels

Happy summer! I am celebrating the re-release of the Marketplace series (yes, available on your favorite e-book reader beginning this July!), I will be traveling to promote my books and offer the usual array of sick, perverted workshops for groups around the world. 

Here’s where you can find me in the upcoming year. And of course, if you want to bring me to your community, contact me to discuss costs.


July 2-5

Piscataway, NJ
Not only will I actually show up at TES FEST this year, I’ll be signing books & I’m auctioning off a private reading in the Celebrity Auction on Saturday night! Be there and buy me at auction /grins.


July 16-18
Denver, CO
I’m thrilled to return to what is one of my favorite leather events in the country.  I’m teaching two workshops: "Tell Me What You Want, What You Really Really Want" and "Inconceivable! When What You Thought Would Never Happen....Happens!"


July 30-August 1
Toronto, ONT
My friend (and internationally acclaimed educator) Midori and I have been teaming up to co-teach an intensive, weekend-long class designed for real people who enjoy power dynamics and want to have quality relationships that suit their hungers and needs. This weekend will include lectures, group discussions and exercises, with time for reflection and time for pure fun.  We have developed a unique curriculum that will help you design a protocol and relationship dynamic that fits you and your relationship needs.  For the folks who find that a 90-minute workshop doesn’t give them all they want, this weekend is for you.  To register, visit the site above. And don’t forget – if you’d like us to bring this weekend event to your community, contact us for details.


August 10
Brentwood, NY
“Far, far from the skylines of Manhattan, where the roads stretch dark and twisted like squid ink fettichini, there, where no public transportation enables you to go, there, in the chain of towns all ending in –bay or –port, live the sub-urban people.” –The Little Urban Maid by Laura Antoniou
Yes, I’m headed to the wilds of Long Island for to read from my upcoming Marketplace novel, “The Inheritor.” All are welcome, but there is a small fee for non-members.


August 20-22
Edison, NJ
A lot of folks have wanted me to come to this huge convention of erotic, sexual pleasure. I’ll be presenting two workshops: Creative Disobedience (The Art of Being a Wiseass) and The Way of It (Designing and Maintaining Your Personal Protocol).


Yep, I’m going to the lands of the Ozzies and the Kiwis.  I have two definite appearances, and room for more if you’re interested in hiring me to come to your part of the Land Down Under.


October 1-4
Sydney, Australia
I’m honored to be keynoting this BDSM event on my first trip to Australia. I’ll also be presenting some classes, which will be announced shortly.


October 22-25
Christchurch, New Zealand
Those Kiwis sure know how to keep a butch busy! I’ll be presenting four workshops at this fabulous event: The Way Of It (Establishing and Maintaining Protocol Within Relationships), For Your Own Good (Using Punishments in Your SM Relationships), Have a Cookie (Using Rewards in Your SM Relationship) and Too Kinky for Words: Playing Way Off The Edge.

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