Friday, November 12, 2004

Got time to waste?

Watch some internet files. Check out some new stops on my reading list. Have fun.

Foamy has some issues. Watch Volume 4. I died laughing.

Dykes to Watch Out For; The Blog. Yes; my favorite lefty comic strip creator has started to blog. And dammit, Lois would have been hot as an FTM.

Susie Bright, the Blog. Ahh, Susie! I met her when she was with On Our Backs, many moons ago. Fun lady.

Speaking of FTMs. Here's a cute lil' FTM rapper! Named Katastrophe. Oooh, you are a tough guy! I mean it. Really.

Admit it, you have no idea what an FTM is. Here. And if you have read my books and still need to ask about Chris, I suggest remedial reading.