Saturday, November 20, 2010

Waking up at the Armory

Staying here is a surreal experience; between the extravagance of the Upper Floor rooms and the specialty sets on the different floors, it's like walking into an unfinished novel, with characters flitting in and out of the doors. "Hi!" says a cute girl, standing next to me. "I'm on your book!"

Hell, she's practically on my lap! To which I have no objection, except that many of the women at the party are wearing nothing or close to nothing, while  am head to foot clothed and still shivering. I suppose this helps with keeping nipples hard, but still.

Last time I was here, I consulted on the formation of The Upper Floor, Peter Ackworth's ambitious attempt at providing a domain dedicated to dominance/submission/service & slavery, with a neo-Edwardian flavor. There was one almost finished room and a half-plan for both construction and development of the concept. Since then, the space has expanded to several luxuriously equipped and furnished rooms, a cast of dozens, and still more ambitious plans to expand coverage of some of the storylines to 24/7, with talent living on the premises in special slave quarters.

Yeah, you know this appeals to me.

What you might not know is that the new covers for the Marketplace  books are all being shot here, on the Upper Floor. Madison Young, performer, artist, gallery owner, teacher and talent wrangler, (and soon to be Mommy) has gotten some wonderful people together to get dressed up - or undressed, as the case may be, and pose as characters in my books. Seriously, how cool is that?? Famed bondage rigger Lochai has been taking the shots styled by Madison and for once, it's a gang of perverts actually making a product for our community. I am honored by their participation and energized by the synergy we create. Next up, we plan the covers for The Trainer and The Academy.

So that's why Madison planned last nights party, and that was how the talented Chloe and Wolf wound up recreating the infamous Sharon & Jack scene from The Marketplace. Complete with hay bales, thank you very much! It was just amazing to watch people enact something I'd written. Now I understand the attraction to writing scripts. Whew! Hot stuff.

Afterward, I answered some questions from the chat room opened during the shoot and live stream, and signed some books. Today I am meeting with the publisher of Sizzler e-books, where my collection of gay male smut, Shop Stud, is being distributed. Later on tonight, I will be at the Femina Potens Gallery, reading The Man With the Phoenix Tattoo, my new Chris Parker story - and I will have books to sell as well.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Checking in at the Armory

At long last, I am back at the amazing headquarters at the San Francisco Armory! Got a quick little updated tour so i could see how much the place has grown since I was last here and it is just delightful - fun and sexy and mind blowing. I can't wait for a better tour tomorrow, and then the hot, hot party tomorrow evening, featuring performers actually acting out a scene from The Marketplace!

People will be able to watch tomorrow night at this link.

More when I have had some sleep. The sinus headache I started the day with was killed by massive antihistamines, but wow, those pills plus a 6 hour plane ride and I am one tired pornographer. And I want to be alert tomorrow for my Harry Potter outing before the Femina Potens/ party...

Saturday, November 06, 2010

Rare San Francisco visit in November!

I'm thrilled to be returning to San Francisco this month, celebrating the re-release of The Slave, reading from my latest work, and launching a new workshop.

Join me on Friday night, November 19,  as a featured guest of Femina Potens, which is celebrating my book release with a BDSM Play Party.  Described as "an  evening of black-tie debauchery," this fabulous party will include the recreation of a scene from The Marketplace, performed for your entertainment and delicious delight. Bring your tux and your flogger.  Note: you must be a member of Femina Potens to attend! Join here!

I'm also delighted to participate in Femina Potens' monthly  SIZZLE, the Bay Area award-winning literary erotica series. SIZZLE's Cupcakes and Kink will take place Saturday, November 20th at 8:00 p.m.

I’ll return to Femina Potens for two workshops on Sunday, November 21st. The first workshop is a premiere: Don't Dream It; Be It – Fantasies and Role-play for the Shy: 
    Let’s face it – role playing does not come naturally to everyone! But if you’ve always wanted to try it, are ready to expand your repertoire, or are unsure how to fulfill a partners fantasy, this is the way to begin. Explore fantasy archetypes, linear and freeform story telling, flirting and signaling while in role, and other basic concepts for making the fantasy just a little more real. Then we’ll go into things like setting, costumes, props and even supporting cast. Come prepared to share, even if it has to be anonymously!

Don't Dream It; Be It is a class intended for an audience that might not already be part of the alt-sex/kinky world, but who are the sexually adventurous, the curious and the open minded. The class takes place Sunday, November 21st at 3:00 p.m. Click here to pre-register.

The second workshop is an audience favorite: Your Own Good: Using Punishment in SM Relationships:

For Your Own Good is intended for people who are familiar with the kinky/SM world, and dominant/submissive relationships. The class takes place Sunday, November 21st at 6:00 p.m. Click here to pre-register.

I won't be returning to Bay Area until Spring of 2011, when Midori and I will be presenting our Passionate Bonds weekend, so I hope to see many of you there!

And just in case you are inclined to magical children, Karen and I are going to see the new Harry Potter movie on Friday the 19th in San Fran, at the AMC Loews Metreon 16, the 1:30 show. Buy your own tickets in advance and meet us at the theatre at 12:30; geekery shall ensue!