Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New review of Cinema Erotica, aka The Catalyst

This review made me smile - I think of The Catalyst, (now titled Cinema Erotica) my first short story collection, as my sweetest, most innocent work, aimed at beginners and sooo non-threatening. And here it's called "rather disturbing" and "shocking!" I am sure some people would feel upset by this, but I am thrilled. I am sure this will sell more copies, LOL.

By the way, this collection actually contains the first appearance of FIVE characters who appear in the Marketplace novels. If you know which ones, you have a sharp eye and are a SUPERFAN. And - if you tell me so before Jan 31, 2011, I will give you a FREE e-book - either The Marketplace or The Slave - and that will include the bonus story written for that specific book.

So comment here with your answers or guesses. And whoever names them all - or, failing that, whoever names the MOST - will get the free e-book!


Friday, December 24, 2010

My one Christmas story!

From an old Circlet Press advent, here again is Ho, Fucking Ho, my one Christmas story! Enjoy!

Saturday, December 04, 2010

Happy holidays to all my fans!

Whatever you may celebrate this time of year, it's often a gift-giving time - and what better to give than a new book?  The new edition of THE SLAVE (Book Two in the Marketplace series) will be released this month, and available as a trade paperback or an e-book.  Why not buy the first two Marketplace novels for someone you love? 

If you live in the NYC area, you can buy the books personally from me at one of these upcoming events:

On Sunday, December 12th, I'll be at Instigate, a queer & trans-led monthly event at the LGBT Center.  I will be presenting one of my favorite workshops, Too Kinky For Words: Playing Way Off The Edge. It should be great fun! I'll also have limited, pre-publication editions of THE SLAVE available for $25, as well as Book One, THE MARKETPLACE, for $20.  You can also bring your old copies of my books - I'm always delighted to autograph a well-loved book for you. The event is open to all.

If listening to erotic stories sounds like a great way to stay warm this season, join me on Thursday, December 16th, when I participate in the last of the "In The Flesh" erotic reading series, curated by the fabulous erotic author/editor Rachel Kramer Bussel. Other readers include memoirists Nancy Balbirer (Take Your Shirt Off and Cry), Stephen Markley (Publish This Book), and Michele Carlo (Fish Out of Agua), burlesque performer GiGi La Femme (Revealed, Wassabasco), photographer Seth Kushner,  In The Flesh alum Samara O'Shea (Note to Self, For the Love of Letters), Lambda Literary Award winner Rakesh Satyal (Blue Boy) and romance novelist Kama Spice (Sehra's Honor). The reading will take place at the Happy Ending Lounge on the Lower East Side. (Look for the hot pink awning that says "XIE HE Health Club.") There will be books for sale, and free cupcakes!

Another great gift idea is to pre-register for my workshop at Purple Passion on Thursday, January 13th at 7:00 p.m. I'll be presenting Creative Disobedience: The Art of Being a Wiseass as part of their educational series.  You know you have someone in your life who deserves to attend this fun class!

Also, if you want a signed copy of The Marketplace, or perhaps a copy of the limited, pre-publication edition of The Slave (while they last) or the when-these-run-out-they're-gone-forever copies of The Catalyst and Other Stories - my only comprehensive short story and essay collection, never to be published in one book again - you can order them directly from me. Send me an e-mail at Laura (at) lantoniou.com and tell me which books you want. When I confirm the availability, I will tell you how much to send to me via Paypal/money order/gift check. Books sent by Priority Mail must be ordered - and confirmed with payment! - before December 19.

And finally, remember that I do have a Cafe Press store! Come on, you know someone who NEEDS a Middle Aged Guard t-shirt, a "I love service" coffee mug or "I love to serve" doggie bowl. Not to mention a few more of you out there could be letting people know they need to be grown ups to do the things we do. Tell 'em with my "You need to be this tall to ride this ride" sweatshirt. Or express your affection for that short dude with the huge ego, and tell the world to just wait because it might get better...all you need is Patience.

Have a happy and healthy holiday season, and remember: books - and book related clothing and coffee mugs - make great gifts!


PS: You know I have a wish list, right? (Huge grin)