Thursday, December 10, 2009

Holiday shopping and a last chance...

OK, so I already pitched the Cafe Press stuff, ( that all remains the same. If you want timely delivery, order soon; I can't guarantee their shipping times.

But just a note for those of you who are big enough fans to follow this group and read what I write...

If *I* were *you* I would take advantage of the chance to buy any books I have in stock at my website. might be your last chance to get these editions.

Just saying.

Order now for Yule/Xmas/Solstice/New Year/etc. If the website is wonky, write to me directly at and we'll work it out.

1 comment:

Cat Grant said...

Are there any autographed copies of The Academy available? Doesn't look like it from the website. I already have signed copies of all the other books, but The Academy is my favorite.