Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New review of Cinema Erotica, aka The Catalyst

This review made me smile - I think of The Catalyst, (now titled Cinema Erotica) my first short story collection, as my sweetest, most innocent work, aimed at beginners and sooo non-threatening. And here it's called "rather disturbing" and "shocking!" I am sure some people would feel upset by this, but I am thrilled. I am sure this will sell more copies, LOL.

By the way, this collection actually contains the first appearance of FIVE characters who appear in the Marketplace novels. If you know which ones, you have a sharp eye and are a SUPERFAN. And - if you tell me so before Jan 31, 2011, I will give you a FREE e-book - either The Marketplace or The Slave - and that will include the bonus story written for that specific book.

So comment here with your answers or guesses. And whoever names them all - or, failing that, whoever names the MOST - will get the free e-book!



Anonymous said...

Yay for e-books ~ I'm downloading right now and "I'll be back" (in my best Terminator voice hopefully with the correct names. I don;t suppose Vincent the chef makes an appearance? And of course that begs the question: Why do I have a thing for black men who can cook? Hmmm... just kinky and hungry i guess!

Love from your best fan in Ecuador ~ Susan (TheOceanHideaway.com)

Gretchen said...

Hmm, having read some of your other stories, I gotta say I'm not sure that I'd call Catalyst "unsettling and shocking." Poor innocent RomFan reviewer...

As far as my character guesses for your challenge, I don't think I can name all five. Ron Avidan, of course. The boys in that scene, Mike and Dave, run into Michael in The Trainer, I think. And, a total guess, but is Thea the same Thea that talks to Robin in the phone sex chat line?

I have no idea who the fifth might be. I'd dig some more, but my books are buried in one of my many moving boxes at the moment.

Anonymous said...

I sent my guesses via private email earlier but here they are again.

Boy is your challenge hard! Not David, Mike and Ron – that I got right away as I remembered them in The Trainer.

But as for the others? Well, I don’t think the Allison in this book is the same Allison who mentors Chris later on. So I have picked out:

Jennifer. Who later leaves Lisa for a spell in the Marketplace, gets out, meets Gabriella and finally, in Ireland at a Reunion some years later , fulfills her watersports fantasy.


Greg. His story takes place some years after dating Robin in college. He discovers (sadly, too late for Robin) that he has an honest-to-goodness kinky side just like his old college sweetheart.

Makes you wonder if he'll ever run into her in NY and if they'll go out drinking for old time's sake, get drunk enough to spill the beans and marvel at what could have been in their college days.

Did I win?

Best, Christine

Laura Antoniou said...

You win, Gretchen! Contact me at Laura@lantoniou.com and tell me if you would like The Marketplace, The Slave, Cinema Erotica, or Shop Stud as your free e-book!