Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Original Marketplace Trilogy is Back in Print!

I'm pleased to announce that the original Marketplace trilogy, The Marketplace, The Slave, and The Trainer, is now back in print, thanks to Circlet Press, where the motto is Celebrating the erotic imagination. 
The third book in the Marketplace Series brings us into the House of Anderson, the Trainer of Trainers, where Chris Parker and a few clients are in residence. Michael LaGuardia loves being part of the Marketplace and loves the sex slaves he regularly trains. After a couple of years in California, Michael thinks he is ready for a step up, ready for an apprenticeship with Anderson. (He's wrong.)
To read an excerpt from The Traienr, click here.

The Trainer was originally published fifteen years ago by Masquerade Books. At the time, I felt that I had given the lead character, Michael LaGuardia, short shrift. When Masquerade left the publishing business, I moved the Marketplace series to Mystic Rose Books, and expanded The Trainer by nearly a third, adding more to Michael’s story.
Now that I’m settled at Circlet Press, I’ve been expanding my series even further. I’ve developed thematic short stories for each of the Marketplace novels, and including them in the e-book editions. The “Life is a Party” stories are, as the title implies, short stories that all take place at parties which happen during the timeline of the novel.
In the case of The Trainer, the short story features a sex party complete with slave auction at the home of handsome, controversial Master Trainer Geoff Negel, where Michael launches his career in the Marketplace.

“California Dreaming” is only available in the e-book edition of The Trainer. However, the first two short stories, “For Want of a Nail,” published in the new edition of The Marketplace; and “That’s Harsh!” in The Slave, are now available for separate download for just 99 cents! You can download them here.
Once The Academy: Tales Of the Marketplace, is published (winter 2011), “California Dreaming” will also be available for separate download. The same will happen for The Reunion, (spring 2012) and for the long-anticipated Book Six in the Marketplace series, The Inheritor (summer 2012).

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