Monday, December 22, 2008

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Cecilia Tan and her Tan Clan have been putting out erotic SF, fantasy and horror for so long, you can call them Olde Guarde Porne. This year, at, she's been putting up stories from their many anthologies and writers in a free-fest of fantasy, one story a day for a sort of kinky advent period. I've got two stories appearing this week - Shayna Maidel and a new one I wrote just for her site, called Ho-Fucking-Ho.

The first is my Jewish-lesbian-vampire story (doesn't *everyone* have one of those?) and the new one I wrote because I find Xmas stories trite, yet had just written a little ditty called Santa, Bucko, to the tune of Santa, Baby.

Ahh, the life of the mind.

See, I wrote the song lyrics because a regular on Bilerico, a queer blog, had posted a version written for MtF chicks. It was cute, I liked it, but thought the FtMs might want their own version. So, I dashed one off and posted it. Then the two people in my life who get m to do things I would not ordinarily do told me I should spread it around, that it was funny. OK, fine, so it wound up on my mailing list and on my website.

And then Cecilia wrote and asked if I had any Xmas stories sitting around. And I had this song...and a picture popped into my head of a really cranky Daddy and a bunch of hot boys...

Anyway. That story will appear on the 24th, on the site. Hope you like it.

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