Sunday, December 21, 2008

Next Kellerman

As I continue my trek through the Kellerman family, today's book is Gone. It's not his best; I still think his earlier work is far better than his more current. But as I reread the series in order, I think I've been harsh in dismissing his more recent work as vastly inferior. It is...stripped down more. Alex's personal life seems so bare compared to the details which made him more of a rounded character earlier on.

Am I more forgiving now because I am reading them so quickly, and therefore didn't have time to forget the details? Or because maybe I am lulled into the process of each story; set up, complications, mysteries - then bang-up ending which puts Alex in danger for at least two pages?

One thing for sure - Milo sure gets the short shrift in all these years. A genius, a butch sourpuss of a gay detective, suddenly I am wishing there was a series about him. And how come we never get to see his handsome emergency surgeon husband??

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Mad said...

Well, if you're a Kellerman officionado, you will know that obviously it's because handsome er doc's schnazzy shiny car is FAR more important than he is!