Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Shameless self promotion moment

The Leather Archives in Chicago is having a poll on "BDSM" works of fiction. They are launching a new exhibit and they want readers to tell them all about the good stuff.

Do I have to hold up the cue cards?

To be featured in this exhibit, a book must be FICTION and it must contain EXPLICIT BDSM.
If you really like your favorite book, then please consider also submitting a comment of 100-200 words, describing any or all of the following:
+ a brief synopsis of the book,
+ how the book represents BDSM,
+ historical significance of the book,
+ other work the author may have done within the BDSM community.

The best book descriptions might be used in the exhibit. So if you want your description to have your name or pseudonym on it, please include that name at the end of your description! Sadly, we cannot pay people if we use their descriptions.

So, go do that voodoo that you do so well!


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