Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Winner for January e-book contest!

Drum roll please....

The answers are:

The three most people got right - Ron Avidan, Chris Parker's brother, is the leatherman in the story Boys Will be Boys, from The Catalyst, now titled Cinema Erotica. And his willing victims are a couple named Mike and Dave, who show up later in....The Trainer! They are the master/slave couple Michael LaGuardia flirts with and considers going home with while on his night out at The Shaft, my thinly veiled version of NY's old kink bar, The Lure.

(More trivia - Mike and Dave also show up in my gay male novel of brutal, occasionally non-consensual kinky sex taking place in and around the world of bodybuilding, Musclebound, soon to be available as an e-book. And you would not believe how difficult it is to place a book these days that contains non-consensual kinky sex. (Middle aged guard rant - Why, when I was coming out, that was all we had! And we liked it that way! Weird how the culture changes sometimes...)

The other two were much harder. Kudos to three people who came up with very good guesses, finding Jennifer, from the lesbian story Sappho's Solution and supposing that she was the Jennifer who appears in The Reunion, Greg, of Helping a Buddy Out, who might have been Robin's college boyfriend Greg and Bob, who appears in The All Americans, and might have been the Bob on the phone sex line Robin calls when she is in college in The Slave. Ohh, so close!!

Because on that same phone call are Mark and Thea, the couple from the final story in The Catalyst, Master of the Evening.

No one got all five - but Gretchen, who answered me on Blogger, got FOUR - she got Thea, but not Mark!

And, I am OK with that. I will be sending her a free e-book as her prize for getting the most correct answers!

And just FYI:

The Catalyst underwent the title change because the new publisher thought the old title wouldn't sell it. Several different options were given to me, which I did not like at all; Cinema Erotica was my meeting them halfway. I gave up control over the cover image instead.

You can still buy the omnibus collection The Catalyst and Other Works at some major booksellers. I myself have about 25 copies left which I take with me for book signings. This book is officially out of print and will never be back in print - the stories that made up the collection now called Cinema Erotica are their own book now, only available in e-book format, and the rest of the stories and essays in that collection are being split up in different collections - the gay ones, for example, are in the e-book Shop Stud, featuring some of the best of my gay male erotic fiction.

Thank you all for playing - shall I do more contests in the future?



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