Monday, April 18, 2011

Happy Passover!

This is the week of Passover. Tonight, millions of Jews across the world are gathered at tables and telling the story of Exodus.
Many of you know that my wife and I wrote our ownhaggadah, the book used for the telling of the Passover story. Avadim Hayeinu, Once We Were Slaves, focuses elements of the traditional Passover story through the lens of the leather power dynamics in our community. After all, slavery, like sex, wasn’t invented in our generation. In fact, over 3,000 years of Jewish tradition requires all Jews to participate in an annual ritual to discuss slavery and freedom: Passover. For thousands of years, Jews have built upon the Exodus story, creating hundreds of thousands of variations of the ritual from many perspectives. Learn – or revisit – the Passover story from an S/M perspective, drawing on ancient tradition and building new rituals that speak to us today.
For those of you looking for a new way to look at Passover, or interested in rituals that reflect slavery, power, and freedom, please take a look at our haggadah. And drink a celebratory cup of wine!

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