Sunday, May 15, 2011

Summer Update

I recently had dinner with Lochai, the wonderful photographer I'm working with for the Luster editions of the Marketplace series.  We were discussing the plans for the cover of the The Trainer and the rest of the series. Which reminded me that I haven't offered an update on where I am with my writing projects these days.

The Trainer, Book Three of the Marketplace series, will be out this summer. As I've been doing with all the re-releases, it will include a new short story available only in the e-book edition.  "California Dreamin'" takes place at a party in the home of the notorious West Coast trainer, Geoff Negel.  Here's an excerpt:

Michael went from one posing platform to another, consulting the auction plan they’d been given. Each slave had a different set of positions they could assume, and was instructed how to uncurl gracefully from one into another when they got stiff or after an owner had repositioned them for examination. They wore no clothing, of course, but each was decorated with colored thin ropes wound around biceps or draped across chests, circling their throats, wrists or ankles. . . (more)

I've also written a short story about Chris Parker, the first I've ever done that appears outside the Marketplace series. "The Man With the Phoenix Tattoo" will will be published in an upcoming anthology entitled Take Me There: Trans and Genderqueer Erotica, edited by the fabulous Tristan Taormino. Look for it this fall.

Of course, work on the sixth book of the Marketplace series, "The Inheritor," is continuing, but it's not my only project right now. For years, I've been tinkering with the idea of writing a comedy-mystery series, à la Bimbos of the Death Sun, by Sharyn McCrumb. I've finally started work on the book and reading the first few chapters at various conferences, to hilarious results.

I'm attending several events over the summer, teaching and reading from my various projects. Check out my events calendar and if you want to bring your well-loved copies of books for me to sign, I'll be delighted to do so. And, of course, I'll have books available for sale as well.

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