Saturday, December 17, 2011

A Christmas-Themed, Historical, Gay-Themed Story

Recently, I was challenged to write outside my usual area of "contemporary smut."

I love taking on challenges like this - they help me stretch my writing muscles, and give me renewed creativity when returning to my main projects. Plus, I am a big fan of historical fiction, as anyone who has seen my bookshelves (heavily stacked with Clavell, Galebon, Jakes, McCullough,and others) can attest.

Given the season, I chose to set this story during the famous "Christmas Truce" of 1914:
On an icy Christmas morning on the Western Front, 1914, British and German soldiers huddled in trenches less than fifty yards apart, away from their homes and families, cold, weary and afraid. But Lt. Glbert Tillsdale and Captain Wilheim von Faulkner will spark more than a Christmas truce as they walk across no man's land to shake hands. They find passion, comfort and pleasure in each other and share a moment of peace that can only be called miraculous.Purchase the story here.

My serious Marketplace fans will recognize the family name of one of the characters above -- one that will return in a future Marketplace novel, as well.

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