Friday, December 02, 2011

Free Holiday Erotica Tale!

On the first Fridays of the month, there's an erotic reading series at the Happy Endings Lounge in New York City that I sometimes attend. The December theme was - no surprise - holiday erotica!

What may be a surprise to some of you, however, is that I have actually written a short holiday erotica piece.  In the spirit of giving, here's an excerpt from "Ho Fuckin' Ho:"

A long and tall drink of water poured into a latex elf costume. Spikey green boots that clung to shapely legs all the way to the thigh, same color boy-cut shorts, and a plunging vest, both trimmed in white fur. Jaunty Santa style hat in the same green, with pointy ear tips rising to each side of her head. I groped for her name… Stacey!

“Hi, Santa,” she purred, leaning over to adjust my sack. “I’ll be one of your elves tonight. I hope you have a special present for me!”

Now, I am an equal opportunity Daddy, I like boys and girls, naughty and nice. This fiasco was looking up already.

I struggled and won the fight to not say, “I got your present right here,” and grab my package. Instead, I went for the equally cheesy, “What’s a nice femme like you doing in a boy’s club?”

She leaned in closer and whispered, “Hoping to get gang banged in the back room, later. You’re invited, if you’re not busy, and your boy, too, if he’s been real good.”  Click here for more...  

If you're still looking for some gift ideas, don't forget Circlet Press is offering a special deal on the first three books in the Marketplace series. In addition, several of the romance sites where you can find my other fiction are offering holiday specials, so check out the links here, too!

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