Monday, December 23, 2002

Anyplace that has goose is OK by me

But there are definitely comforting things on the many menus we've perused which have helped us overcome the sometimes (OK, often) shoddy service. One of them, at least for me, is that geese are not rare creatures to be discovered in "game" shops, but just another yummy option for what's cooking. At Focaccia, a trendy restaurant/cafe right next to Spaghettim, Karen had what was lightly called an "Avocado salad." Hah! Avocado salad in the States usually means a green salad with some slices of avocado in it. At Focaccia, it's a Babel Tower of goodies, starting with crisp, fresh greens, lovely, ripe chunks of avocado, red onions, walnuts, pecans, and goose breast, sliced lengthwise and sauteed to resemble hickory smoked bacon.

Glenda - it's even better than your turkey bacon.

And then they topped it off with an herbal dressing that tastes of freshly squeezed lemon juice, dill, and parsley. I liked it without the dressing, actually; lightly tossed with just a little olive oil. We considered left overs, but, well, there weren't any.

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