Thursday, December 12, 2002

Next update? Who knows?

Now that I've found this place, we've decided to try to make it into Tel Aviv for the weekend. Tomorrow morning, we're taking a tour of the Jewish quarter of the Old City in the morning. After that, we'll grab a cab before sundown and see what "the big city" is like, and spend the sabbath there. (OK, the cafe owner saw that I was singing along with Patsy Cline, so he loaded more "American" music for me. First, it was Julio Iglasias - not it's Frank Sinatra singing "The Summer Wind.")

It's likely that any modern hotel in Tel Aviv has internet access, but I'll be choosing our place by the view. More posts will be coming, including my thoughts on other things I've seen today, but for now, the sun is going down and it's getting cold. Time to head back to Ben Yehuda, pick up the film I dropped off this morning, grab a snack and wait for Karen to get back.

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