Monday, March 30, 2009

Clearing out some books on PBS

If you are a member of Paperback Swap, know that I am making my bookshelf 2-for-1 for a bit. I need to clear out my books and figure out which ones will become pulp and which ones will be donated to the nearest place that will take them. I would rather they went to fellow readers, of course. Request one book and send me a personal message (using the PBS message system, please, so it doesn't wind up in my e-mail backlog) listing which one you spent a point on and which additional title you'd like.

If you are not a member of PBS, maybe you should be. If you join, please consider listing me as your reference.

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Mad said...

I can't join. Stupid discriminatory practices against Canadian again. Harumph. However I am trying to get rid of 3 or so boxes worth of paperbacks so that I have a closet again, since all my shelves are full to overflowing, and I don't have nearly enough local friends who read at the same speed I do. So if anything I mentionned in any of my overly verbose comments seems intriguing, drop me a line and I'll ship em out to you.