Sunday, March 29, 2009

Patterson is so over.

Done with Alex Cross and James Patterson. I just out down Roses are Red and I am amazingly pissed.

It's the same fucking story.

Crazed serial killer is a genius using a pyramid scheme of other serial killers. Ultimate bad guy turns out to be NOT the obvious mental case...NOT the slick professional...but an actual insider on the investigative team. Detective Cross' girlfriend is once again...killed. (And mutilated.) And the entire book is written in 2 and 3 page chapters.

Nope. Not interested. This man is obviously the real serial killer - every cop, FBI agent and woman who sleep with him gets attacked, threatened, kidnapped, raped, murdered, or kidnapped, raped, murdered and mutilated. He's deadlier than Jessica Fletcher. No wonder Patterson is writing YA stories about teen girls with angel wings. Cross must have run out of people willing to be in the same space with him.

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Mad said...

I didn't ever get a complete set of the Cross books, either. Sadly, Kiss the Girls isn't one of the ones I *did* get. It's strange, I'm not exactly sure why Cross pisses me off as much as he does. I mean, hell, I've read every one of Lee Child's Jack Reacher books about 4 times each, and he's an even bigger trouble magnet than Cross. maybe it's because I like his family so much. Reacher tries to avoid making any connectinos with people cause they wlays end up in the smae shit he's in, but Cross, who has a fantstic family, and KIDS, and lovely girlfriends, seems to put them in mortal danger several times per book, and yet goes back for more each time. Bah, they're so damn readable, and yet, they make me so angry, all at the same time! (of course I *am* just masochistic enough to pick anouther one up after a long enough hiatus)