Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Got any Dresden Files books?

Someone left the first one at our house. During the library reorg, we discovered it and stashed it on the "to be read" shelf and found it was great fun.

However, they are simply not to be found on PBS and used copies seem...pricey! So, since it's a series, and sometimes people will buy a bunch of books in a series and then realize they have no great desire to keep them, I am asking...

Do you have these books and would rather have the shelf space? I will be happy to trade other books for them and/or pay for shipping costs. We have a loving home for books here and will treat them well. The author is Jim Butcher, and I am especially interested in volumes 3 and up for the Dresden Files series.

And if anyone knows - how is the TV show?


Milady said...

Steve tells me he's read the first novel and also REALLY wants to buy the series.

He says the TV show is pretty good but there are differences between the two, a difference in writing style and characters, though I'm told his staff/focus/stick-of-varied-shapes-and-sizes does make appearances.

Milady said...

He also says, if you like Dresden Files then you might also like the movie, "Cast a Deadly Spell(1991)" Judging from some of the quotes, it looks like a hoot.

Mad said...

@Milady Cast a Deadly Spell is a very, very silly romp in noir fantasy. Worth watching when you're in a light, brain candy type of mood.

Sherri said...

Try It's a book trading site. You can unload what you don't want in trade for what you do want.

I've been a fan of the Dresden Files since the second book -- even got to meet Jim Butcher at a con some years back. The first four books are available in audio (read by James Marsters and he gives good voice) -- I think has them.

You might also wander ABEbooks or other online used stores. SFBC had omnibus editions out with the first 6, right before the series went hardcover, and those tend to be cheap.

I have book Ten waiting to be read, and when book eleven is in paperback, I'll be wallowing in it.

You might also get into Rachel Caine's Weatherwarden series -- good female protagonist, and some scary-yet-interesting ideas.