Sunday, January 04, 2009

Another graphic novel

In between chapters of Lamb, I also reread Martha Washington Goes to War. Tis is one volume of the Give me Liberty series by Frank Miller and Dave Gibbons. Frank, of course, is best known for Batman: The Dark Knight Returns which I had no idea was worth as much as Amazon says it is. I need to see how many copies I have.

And Dave Gibbons is best known for Watchmen, which he did with genius Alan Moore.

Frankly, I find Alan much more, hmmm, how shall I put it...sane...than Frank Miller. Frank has some views about human nature and society which rely far too heavily on Ayn Rand for my taste. Plus, I'm sorry, but 300 WAS more than a tad homophobic while at the same time heavily homoerotic. (Gee, wonder what that says...?) At the same time, the man wrote some cracking adventure stories. Does that excuse the gay Nazi enemies Martha Washington has to literally impale on her service saber, or the freakishly drawn gay? pre-op tranny? WTF? who appears with a swastika tattooed on his hugely muscled pec in Dark Knight? Or that the Joke himself is portrayed as having an interest in makeup for its gender transformation rather than the whole clown image? I mean, dammit. He calls Batman "darling."

Eh; I console myself that no one comes out looking very good in Miller's worlds, unless they are borderline lone heroes with slight psychopathic and obsessive tendencies and a frustrated inability to form lasting relationships. (I mean, really, how many Robins HAVE there been?) Liberals, feminists, peaceniks, hippies, slackers, stoners, politicians and anyone engaged in the status quo are all seen as a collaborative mass of oozing acid slowly eroding the penis - er, the strength of um...

Well, everything. Civilization is at risk because stupid, under educated yet over paid workers don't know how to do their jobs. Pot smoking parents forget they have kids. Gays Protesters are deluded, shrinks are useless, the media is opium and everyone is either a part of the corruption or a victim of it. Only one lone individual has any power against the ...erosion? - and they are doomed to suffer at the hands of vile people both within and without the structure of society who will try to kill them along the way.

And I read it for fun. But wow, if I believed in that, I'd need a lot more Celexa to get up in the morning, tell you whut.

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Mad said...

*blink* Wow, when you put it that way, holy hateful batman (forgive that please, I just had to!) I haven't read the graphic novel you just mentioned, but Frank Miller does have a tendency to make EVERYONE look sleazy. I have always loved Sin City, though the only redeeming thing about the movie was the hot strippers.

On another note:

mmmmmm.. Celexa