Monday, January 05, 2009

A little fantasy...

From my pile of "Re-read this before I sell it or trade it" came Death and Thraxas, a book I picked up at a Gaylaxicon. Not quite sure what the gay connection is, but the story is cute, a sort of mashing of noir detective stories and high fantasy. I liked the main character so much I named one of my WOW characters after him.

I can't find my copy of Dark Knight. I bet I loaned it to someone. Last night for a break between Lamb and Thraxas, I read a few dozen pages of the first Cerebus phonebook. Man, his art was sucky at the beginning. It got better; and so did the stories.

I am guessing that since my mood is for light reading and comic books right now, my occasional orgy of Star Trek novels will come soon.

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