Monday, January 05, 2009

Mexican Pepsi is REAL Pepsi

So, Pepsi is actually suing a distributor for distributing one of their products. The catch? It's Mexican Pepsi, *imported* to the US for those who know that Soda made with cane sugar is vastly superior to the stuff made with HFCS.

In this house, I tend to buy several cases of Passover Coke when that time of year rolls around. It, too, is made with cane sugar, and Mrs. Pornographer swears she can tell the difference. This year, we made it through November with the stock I bought in April.

Now, Pepsi is saying that the cane sugar product might degrade in the shipping to the US, which is...fairly ridiculous. Do they mean to suggest that Mexicans are getting an inferior product? That shipping to the US is somehow more damaging that shipping throughout Mexico?

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