Sunday, January 18, 2009

Marketplace news

So, I am on Facebook now, easy to find, and will friend anyone who asks. Also new is the Marketplace fansite on Facebook, which you can also subscribe to! And I will do my best to keep it updated with news and links and interesting stuff. (Thank you for the genesis, Daddy!)

Ditto, in an effort to keep myself "out there," I will be making a Livejournal page which will have the exact same stuff I am putting here. I like my Blogger, but I also have many friends on LJ who might like to just read this stuff with their other LJ posts. I will be putting that up sometime this week.

Yes, I am working on The Inheritor, the 6th Marketplace book. I have done several public readings of the first chapter, and my beta readers are on chapter 5, I think. I have struggled with long term writers block, different levels of depression and some hard truth about living in NY on one regular salary. But I am committed, or maybe recommitted, to writing this book, to the promise that it will be my best book, ever, and I will finish it as soon as I can.

The economy is tough for most people right now, and that includes me and my publisher. Yes, I am selling autographed copies of my own books, and collectible first editions. But not all the books have a lot of stock in circulation right now. If you find a bookstore or other seller with copies to sell, please drop me a line and let me know, so I can help steer people to them. If you can, buy books from me. But all new books being sold will help in the long term!

Next time I will be out and about with chapter one in hand will be in Canada - my first time at Lupercalia! I hope to meet some new friends up nawth, and sincerely hope we won't be badly snowed in.

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Mad said...

Well if the Edmonton weather keeps up for another few weeks, you won't have that problem! They had a record-breaking temperature of 15 above celcius yesterday there, which was a real kick in hte face while we were suffering yet another blizzard, thankyouverymuch!